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This blog will now be continued on Wordress blog at

Catch you there mate ;)

Kit Kat  

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Silent expressions. No words. Got a chance to capture it. Let me know what you think this conveys.

P.S: clicked from E51, please excuse the resolution. I was getting late for office, did not have time to use my Point and shoot, and didn't want to miss these cute kittens :)

100 things now haha  

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OK SAG here goes, after your 25, i now have 100 things about me ;)

1. Last beverage: WATER
2. Last phone call: Mom
3. Last text message:Pranav
4. Last song you listened to: More than words-Extreme
5. Last time you cried: 26 Novemeber 08

6. Dated someone twice: NO
7. Been cheated on? YES I HAVE BEEN..
8. Kissed someone & regretted it? NO
9. Lost someone special?YES(I GUESS WE ALL DO)
10. Been depressed? NO
11. Been drunk and thrown up? NOPES

12. Made new friends: LOTS OF THEM
13. Fallen out of love: NO
14. Laughed until you cried: YES
15. Met someone who changed you: YES
16. Found out who your true friends were: YES.
17. Found out someone was talking about you: NEVER
18. Kissed anyone on your friends list: NO!!!
19. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: MAJORITY OF THEM.
20. How many kids do you want to have: ONE
21. Do you have any pets:NO.BUT I WISH I DID!
22. Do you want to change your name: NAH
23. What did you do for your last birthday: DINNER.. WITH 2 CLOSEST BUDDIES
24. What time did you wake up today: 8:30 AM
25. What were you doing at midnight last night: CHATTING and WATCHING ROADIES
26. Name something you CANNOT wait for: FINISH MY LIST OF THINGS TO DO THIS YEAR
27. Last time you saw your father: NOVEMBER
28. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: NOTHING
29. Most visited webpage: GMAIL

30. What's your name: ANIRUDDHA
31. Nicknames: ANI,FATAK
32. Relationship Status: SINGLE
33. Zodiac sign:SCORPIO
34. Male or female or transgendered: MALE
35. Elementary: St. Joseph
36. School: UPS
37. Colleges: ASET,NMIMS
38. Hair color: BLACK
39. Long or short: MEDIUM
40. Height: 5'9
41. Do you have a crush on someone? NOPE
42. Ever been in love? I THOUGHT I WAS ;)
43. Piercings? NO
44. Tattoos? NO
45. Righty or lefty: RIGHTY

46. First surgery: NEVER
47. First piercing : NEVER
48. First best friends:VISHAL
49. First sport you loved: BADMINTON
50. First pet: None.
51. First vacation: DONT REMEMBER
52. First concert:EUPHORIA 

53. Eating:NOTHING
54. Drinking: WATER
55. I'm about to:GO FOR DINNER
56. Listening to: NEWS
57. Waiting for: IPL

58. Want kids? YA
59. Want to get married? YA
60. Careers in mind? TOO MANY :P

61. Lips or eyes: EYES
62. Hugs or kisses : BOTH
63. Shorter or taller: TALLER
64. Older or Younger: YOUNGER
65. Romantic or spontaneous: BOTH
66. Nice stomach or nice arms: NICE BODY!
67. Sensitive or loud: SENSITIVE.
68. Hook-up or relationship: RELATIONSHIP
69. Trouble maker or hesitant: HESITANT

70. Kissed a stranger: NOPE
71. Lost glasses/contacts: NOPE I HAVE A PERFECT 6/6 VISION
72. Sex on first date: NO!
73. Broken someone's heart: YEA
74. Had your own heart broken: YEA
75. Been arrested: NO
76. Turned someone down: YES
77. Cried when someone died: YES!
78. Liked a friend that is a girl? MANY TIMES ACTUALLY!

79. Yourself: YES I DO
81. Love at first sight: HAPPENED ONCE
82. Heaven: HOME
83. Santa Claus:GIFTS
84. Kiss on the first date: NOPE
85. Angels: NIATI

86. BLUE
88. RED

90. On Internet since: 1996
91. Video Game i like: Mario brothers
92. Left Alone: I will listen to music

93. Is there one person you want to be with right now? YEAH...
94. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? NO
95. Wanted to kill some one ever?: NO
96. Among you blog mates, whom would you like to kiss? Many,don't want to name them ;)
97. Committed a blunder and regretted later? Yes
98. Wanted to steal you friend's boyfriend / girlfriend? Never
99. Wanted to run away from your loved ones in anger, because they didnt listen? Yes
100. Posting this as 100 Truths? TRUE TO BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE :P


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My first tag  

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Ok people, i have been tagged for the first time...and thanks to you SAG. 
Well I didn realize i had to actually write 25 random things about me, should not be a tuff one, lets see
  1. I don't like taking medicines
  2. I think i like the colour blue a lot
  3. I do too many things at a time, and if there is something more that fascinates me i will do that too
  4. I dont expect much, but i always remember people who have not responded
  5. I expect people to understand the power of silence, thats what my blog is about right
  6. I like walking with friends on juhu beach eating paranthas there and discussing entire life with my friend Vishal
  7. I love trying out different cuisines, vegetarian only
  8. I hate winters
  9. My most embarrasing moment was when a french girl walked up in recess to wipe her face on my trousers, i was in 1st std :(
  10. Aeroplanes still amaze me
  11. I am an introvert, but i think i have improved over years. I can now walk up and talk to people :P
  12. I wish Sachin Tendulkar can keep playing for India forever, true icon
  13. I like helping people, and making them see the positive side of life
  14. I think i am a good listener, hmm ;)
  15. I like Naturals-Mango Cream icecream when in mumbai, and HCF(Hot Chocolate Fudge) when in Delhi
  16.  Salsa is my new found love
  17. Time spent at Club 51 in hyderabad was the most memorable time of my life
  18. I still want to record an album with my band when we get back
  19. I let issues to boil up till the time i can bear, and then burst 
  20. For me a smile on a kids face is the best therapy 
  21. I love watching tom and jerry and Mr. Bean
  22. I think Sony TV was at its best when it had Dennis the menace, I dream of genie and Three stooges
  23. I like playing football in rain
  24. Helping my CSE team win a cricket match, was the best moment of glory for me
  25. I love Samosas a lot :D, i can have it anytime. I would like to thank Rishab for Unique Cafe Samosas. I still remember it mate ;)
Ok finally i'm done, and now i would like to tag Neha,Meenu,  Anju , PRASIand Todays writer


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Well before i start, i would suggest you visit this site to understand what fmylife means. This site is hillarious, and i have been having loads of fun reading it. Well, little did i realise that i would be soon contributing a post to this site :(.

It happened to me on one of my recent trips to delhi. One of my delhi friend happened to visit mumbai, and the trip was summed up by her in just one word "CRAPPY". I think i can sum up my recent trip to delhi as being "CRAPPY" too. The flight took off a bit earlier than scheduled, and flight captain thought it was the right time to score some brownie points "all passengers we will reach delhi before time and blaah blaah". We reached 45 minutes late...huh.

Reach delhi and the airport greets you with warnings.." If you want to be safe take prepaid taxi". Well i thought i should add to it " We cant protect you, you are on your own here-delhi police". Ok so i took a pre-paid and after travelling for 10 minutes from the airport, the driver decided to park the taxi behind a long queue at a CNG station. This was the first time ever i was cursing delhi for shifting to CNG. Delhi still does not have enough CNG stations. Anyways to my surprise the taxi driver decided against filling up the tank with CNG, and I was breathing a sigh of relief at this time. It was already midnight. Well the driver had actually just delayed his decision, and decided to park his taxi at the very next CNG station that was just a small detour according to him. It was now 12:30 midnight, i was hungry. Taxi driver decided to eat "chole kulche" while i was cursing him from inside the taxi.

12:40 am: finally we were back on road. The moment i thought that the worst was over, yippie we have a flat tyre. Cool. And we are exactly in the middle of a long stretch of road, and what more the jack does not work. WOW :D

12:50 am: One auto rickshaw in sight. I had to fight with the taxi driver to actually pay the full fare to the auto rickshaw driver. Finally, or so i thought, that i will reach home in peace.

1:00 am: Like they say "we plan, and god laughs". The auto driver had bandage on his hands. He was driving at only 10km/hr. Damn i was trying to reach home early eat dinner and sleep :(.
I asked him what happened. He told me last night he was attacked by few people with knives. Awsome :), and he was attacked somewhere near my area.

1:20 am: Auto driver tries to take a short cut, after driving for two kilometres, we find that the road is closed. I was now really angry at this guy, and now i made sure he was taking the route i wanted him to.

1:30 am: finally i reached home. A full 1.5 hours ride from airport to home (In normal traffic it takes just 45 minutes). And hey it is not over yet, auto guy was asking me for another 20 rupees as he got me home safe and sound. FMYLIFE.

Matty Mate  

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Mate..Bring it on...attitude..muscles..well i think that was all Mathew hayden was wearing up his sleeves as he walked inside the mumbai airport. A six+ feet giant, he looked more like a wrestler than a cricketer I tell you. Yes, got a chance to see him at the mumbai airport. Contrary to what he looks like on the field, here was Haydos obliging the chai wala to get a snap clicked. One of the airport staff got a snap clicked and was running around the airport shouting " I got a snap clicked with Hayden". The other i day i saw him cooking tandoori roti on a tv show too. Well these aussies can surprise you all the time isn it ;). This was a pleasant one, i'm sure even aussies love the passion indians have for this game.Well happens, Indians are cricket crazy you see.

Yea we are :( " I couldn get my snap clicked as i was bloddy busy getting my security check done "

Attachment and detachment  

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What drives people to commit to someone?
What makes people to cheat?
What makes people who are cheated , to make a new commitment with the cheater?

I have not found the answers to these questions, because so far i have been living in an idealistic world, where i considered that a commitment once made should not be broken.

Repeated betrayls have forced me to now beleive that appropriate strategy to deal with such cases is to ,"Not attach with anyone,stay detached.It is a good safeguard against the pain".

There is a flipside to it too, "Whats life without taking some risk,...If there is no risk there is no excitement".So if you want to have a piece of some action,stay put,dont back out. Slowly you will learn from the cheater, all the moves and you will be safe.

So crux lies in experiencing detachment, and moving back to a "Detached attachment" where yu stop feeling the pain of detachment.

A very confusing topic,i am glad i tried