Attachment and detachment  

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What drives people to commit to someone?
What makes people to cheat?
What makes people who are cheated , to make a new commitment with the cheater?

I have not found the answers to these questions, because so far i have been living in an idealistic world, where i considered that a commitment once made should not be broken.

Repeated betrayls have forced me to now beleive that appropriate strategy to deal with such cases is to ,"Not attach with anyone,stay detached.It is a good safeguard against the pain".

There is a flipside to it too, "Whats life without taking some risk,...If there is no risk there is no excitement".So if you want to have a piece of some action,stay put,dont back out. Slowly you will learn from the cheater, all the moves and you will be safe.

So crux lies in experiencing detachment, and moving back to a "Detached attachment" where yu stop feeling the pain of detachment.

A very confusing topic,i am glad i tried

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