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Ok people, i have been tagged for the first time...and thanks to you SAG. 
Well I didn realize i had to actually write 25 random things about me, should not be a tuff one, lets see
  1. I don't like taking medicines
  2. I think i like the colour blue a lot
  3. I do too many things at a time, and if there is something more that fascinates me i will do that too
  4. I dont expect much, but i always remember people who have not responded
  5. I expect people to understand the power of silence, thats what my blog is about right
  6. I like walking with friends on juhu beach eating paranthas there and discussing entire life with my friend Vishal
  7. I love trying out different cuisines, vegetarian only
  8. I hate winters
  9. My most embarrasing moment was when a french girl walked up in recess to wipe her face on my trousers, i was in 1st std :(
  10. Aeroplanes still amaze me
  11. I am an introvert, but i think i have improved over years. I can now walk up and talk to people :P
  12. I wish Sachin Tendulkar can keep playing for India forever, true icon
  13. I like helping people, and making them see the positive side of life
  14. I think i am a good listener, hmm ;)
  15. I like Naturals-Mango Cream icecream when in mumbai, and HCF(Hot Chocolate Fudge) when in Delhi
  16.  Salsa is my new found love
  17. Time spent at Club 51 in hyderabad was the most memorable time of my life
  18. I still want to record an album with my band when we get back
  19. I let issues to boil up till the time i can bear, and then burst 
  20. For me a smile on a kids face is the best therapy 
  21. I love watching tom and jerry and Mr. Bean
  22. I think Sony TV was at its best when it had Dennis the menace, I dream of genie and Three stooges
  23. I like playing football in rain
  24. Helping my CSE team win a cricket match, was the best moment of glory for me
  25. I love Samosas a lot :D, i can have it anytime. I would like to thank Rishab for Unique Cafe Samosas. I still remember it mate ;)
Ok finally i'm done, and now i would like to tag Neha,Meenu,  Anju , PRASIand Todays writer

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Your embarrassing moment is too cute!

What is club 51?

your point 19 goes same with me :)

Even I love watching Tom n jerry & Mr. bean

We've been so quick about this tag that I feel as if we can write 50 things about ourselves in no time... what say? :lol:

April 16, 2009 at 5:57 AM

@ SAG: Club 51 is my group of engineering friends that stayed together in hyderabad when we worked for Satyam computers.

Well i suggest we write 100 things about ourselves..r u game...m tagging you :P

April 16, 2009 at 8:12 AM

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