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This word "Recession" does bring a lot of sadness,i could not resist but write on this topic. The MBA community to me seems more affected. The reason being they actually understand what all it means, or hang on, do they? Well, placement season is on and i bet they know it better than anyone else out here. Companies visiting the campuses have reduced, so much so that even IIM-A grads seem to be facing a tuff time this year in lacing their students. Before i go any furthur, i wish all my juniors back in college all the best for their placements. I know i know its too late, but there are still people to be placed, right? Right.

 At times i wonder if my education has actually made me more sad. The reason being, when i did not understand the word "recession", "inflation", "downturn"...etc etc i was much more happy. Sachin Tendulkar's shots or a nice game of volley ball or cricket was enough to give my share of high time, and no one cared a damn about inflation. Now, when we do understand it, i am even worried about Japan going down, Germany going down, i have to right, because now sadly i know. Now even a friendly call from boss to appreciate your work sends shiver down your spine, as to if this is it, is it going to be all over now. Now i know, that things are connected and like a domino effect if one goes down it takes others down with it.After following all recession stories on rediff, it really does look it can hapen to anyone.Everyone can be replaced, the company was working without you, and will continue to work without you :). Don't want to put up any more negatives, not my style.

"Ignorance is bliss" truly.

I guess i have found my way of beating the recession blues. Saturdays are not off yet :(, but yea few hours of salsa on weekend are a saviour from all the stress the whole week in recession has to offer. 

And Neha i love reading your blogs, just wanted to mention it in my post some where :), they are a great relief.

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I completely agree to all those points there about recession and definitely, no one is irreplaceable. The scene around is sad and more so in IT :(.

Nevertheless, keep that smile on always. Remember, if He brings you to it, He also gives the strength and courage to fight it :)

And thanks for the referral there. One of the sweetest gestures :))

March 9, 2009 at 9:54 AM

hey neha..thanks so much mate for keeping me on course of staying positive...great friend :)...and the referral was due...and after that there has been no new post !@#@!#####

March 21, 2009 at 11:30 PM

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