A game to bind, and leave everything behind  

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What is the game that binds Indians? A game that can make any guy wake up 3 o clock in morning, switch on his tv, keep it on mute so as to not disturb other members who are sleeping at home..oh wait a sec..he also expects that the room where the tv has been kept is occupied by just him. You walk down the road and see hundreds looking at matrix of tv sets at an electronics store, they want to buy tv? naah..they are just catching up on the important GAME...no one wants to miss out on the action.

Walk down the road, look out for a guy with the radio..and just ask "whats the score?" no greetings, no hellos, don't worry he's still happy to respond with the score. A game that reminds of how during teens we used to wake up, and rush to the nearest ground on our bicycles early morning at 6 during summer holidays to grab the PITCH..fight over it..to ensure we had our match with , the losers opposite to our society ;) ( we made alot of money from these guys, helped our sports club quiet a lot..hey guys i'm not putting in the name here... PHARMA APARTMENTS DELHI-92...hahahaha)..Enjoyed beating engineering seniors, for sure at this game. Well Computer Science branch was good at it for sure..though we never won any of the finals which was the sad part. I can still remember going to a friends place after each semester exam, play in hot afternoon, call it a day with lemonade.(Vishal i still agree, kunal,rohit and pratik should have played atleast one game in transyamuna too ;))

Anyways, one cant imagine how much noise a room full of "would be" corporates can create, break up a few seats( gross underestimation mind you) right inside college, feel euphoric at around 2 am at night, and then realise that they have to study for the exam, which is at 9am :P
Well thats nothing, i know of students who decided to catch up on the game tv by finishing their exams well before time (read one hour early in a two hour exam ;)), and were happy to cheer for INDIA (guys you still missed out on some amazing live action ;) yes i am rubbing it in)

I mean how much TRP can a domestic tournament generate right. Well i guess one of the largest revenue spinner that the game has ever seen. For a country where it is already a religion, its no surprise that even strangers become friends when it comes to the game of CRICKET.

I just felt like writing about this game, after reading the blog of one of the new newzealand cricketer Ian O brien,...nice pace bowler, didn know he was into blogging. Catch it here. Made all the events related to this game just pass before my eyes.

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